The Art of Cleaning Soft Surfaces

Soft surface cleaning refers to the cleaning of carpets and any fabric, leather or vinyl upholstered furnishings, divider panels or window coverings.


Just like carpeting, soft surfaces need to be vacuumed and cleaned to keep them free of dirt, dust, and accumulated allergens. Regularly scheduled soft surface cleaning helps maintain and protect carpets and soft surface furnishings and prolong their use. It also helps keep your work facility healthy for employees, visitors and occupants.


Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Regular vacuuming and cleaning of soft surfaces at your business will minimize airborne respiratory irritants and help prevent the spread of infectious illnesses. The frequency of soft surface cleaning is also an issue for infection prevention. Pollutants, dirt, dust mites, bacteria and grime get trapped inside carpet fibres and upholstery fabrics, and eventually these particles can become airborne and re-circulate through heating and air conditioning systems. Regular cleaning of soft surfaces in the workplace helps reduce the spread of infectious illness.


For deep cleaning of high-use carpets and upholstery, you should schedule a professional deep clean at least once or twice a year. For lesser-used areas, routine vacuuming, spot cleaning and interim cleaning can keep these assets looking their best. For spot cleaning, it is important that the right cleaning solution is used to prevent permanent stains.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The best method for commercial carpet restoration is hot water extraction. This involves using a hot water extraction machine to inject hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpets and then quickly extracting the water and dirt out.


Encapsulation cleaning is another recommended method for highly effective, low-moisture carpet cleaning. This technique uses specialized equipment that applies a low-moisture cleaning agent, encapsulating dirt and soil particles into a dry residue which is then removed by the same equipment and stored in a built-in collection bin to be discarded. This method is best used at regular intervals, rather than on an annual basis and can be just as cost effective as a one-time clean, and with better long-term results.


Office Chair Cleaning

In many offices, vinyl, leather or fabric upholstered task chairs are used daily and often moved around and shared. Dirt, grime and bacteria accumulate on arm rests, seats and backs of chairs. Regularly scheduled detail cleaning will keep office chairs looking their best as well as help prevent transmission of viruses and bacteria that can spread illness.


Window Covering Cleaning

A surprising quantity of dirt and dust accumulates on fabric-based office window coverings. The build-up of airborne pollutants on window coverings also contributes to poor indoor air quality, and typically these surfaces are not included in regular cleaning routines. Your commercial cleaning company should schedule specialized cleaning of soft surface window coverings at least a few times a year.


Especially in recent years, there has been increased focus on cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces in the workplace, but soft surfaces are often overlooked. ServiceMaster Clean’s team of professional commercial cleaning technicians have the expertise and resources to provide solutions for all of the soft-cleaning requirements at your facility. We will create a cleaning and maintenance schedule to suit your particular facility and your budget.